Historic Wakefield NH

Barn Loom

Lectures and demonstrations during summer season.

Donated by Craig Evans



The Wakefield Historic Buildings Quilt (left quilt) made by local residents in the 1990's. The Crazy Quilt (on quilt rack) was donated by the Marcoux family and done by their grandmother, who came here from Canada and resided on Rines Road during the early 1900's. One of the families that worked on the railroad.


Late 1800 friendship quilt

Made and signed by Sanbornville residents. 

Donated by the late Barbara Trafton

Wakefield Post Office Sign

This sign hung on the Wakefield Post Office until it closed.

Note: When zip codes went into effect in 1963, the zip code was added beneath the original sign.
Given by Lance and Marylou Maclean

We welcome you to visit and bring the kids for a fun day!

These visitors were enjoying their visit to Heritage Park, and allowed to help run B&M locomotive #27 into the Sanbornville roundhouse using the turntable.  This unique journey included a rare passage over the causeway through the Milton / Union pond with a newly established beaver lodge with beavers hard at work. The overall view of the B&M Roundhouse & Maintenance buildings include the newly modeled carpenter shop which is where the devastating fire started in 1911 when the shop crew threw some trash in the furnace just before quitting time at 4 PM. 

We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon until 4 PM, July through September 24th.