Historic Wakefield NH

This is the last load of lumber. The only thing left is to load the rings and clean up the site.

The base of the water tower as it was disassembled.

This is the interior of the tower we built on the inside of the tank to hold the walls up until they could be removed safely.

This is a shot of us removing the tower we built inside for disassembly.

This photo shows all the supports necessary to safely remove the tank walls. Each wall section has 21 staves and is 8'6" wide & 18' high.

The dissembled water tower on location in Union

Workers remove the rings on the exterior of the tower. 

Workers remove the one of the wall sections.

B&M Railroad water tower

Last summer, the Wakefield Heritage Commission acquired the last the last B&M Railroad water tower in the state of New Hampshire. The water tower was disassembled and moved to Heritage Park Railroad Museum campus in Union.  

This is a shot of the deck of the tower. You can also see one of the brackets we made to hold the 126 staves together for easier disassembly.