Continuing Restoration of 1903 Plow Car at Heritage Park

Removal of Old Broken Plaster

By volunteer Heritage Commission Members Rick Poore and Phil Twombley

Restoration plaster by Peter Lord of Lord Plaster and Paint

The Wentworth Sisters (Janis and Lesann) checking out the progress of the Cobbler Shop. 

Chimney Rebuild

Arriving at Heritage Park

The Wentworth Cobbler Shop

Readying Walls and Ceiling to accept "New" Plaster

Replacing the asphalt shingle roof with wood roofing shingles as appropriate on circa 1850 Wentworth Cobbler Shop.


New Foundation for the Wentworth Cobbler Shop

Moving Day

New Rubber Roof

Roof Replacement


Original Location in Brookfield, NH

The Wakefield Heritage Commission is excited to have been gifted the circa 1850 Wentworth Cobbler Shop. This building was located on the Cecil Wentworth property in Brookfield, NH. Upon Cecil's death, at 101 years old, this property which had been in the Wentworth family for generations was sold. Prior to the sale, the family gave the Wentworth Cobbler Shop and its contents to the Wakefield Heritage Commission for restoration. The building was moved to Heritage Park in Union, NH. In order to accomplish this, several elements including the roof were removed under the supervision of historic preservationist, Rick Poore. Rick, a Wakefield Heritage Commission member, will be responsible for the meticulous restoration of the shop as required by the Wentworth family. When the Wentworth Cobbler Shop is completed, it will document for future generations one aspect of country life in the history of New Hampshire. We anticipate completion with a dedication in Spring 2022. Follow our progress through photos on this site. 

Wentworth Sisters

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