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Wakefield's hidden historic jewels await discovery this summer -- by you and your family! The Heritage Park Railroad Museum campus, which includes the Freight House with its extraordinary H/O scale model of the Boston & Maine Railroad line as it served the villages of Wakefield circa 1909, the restored Union Station with its numerous exhibits, the restored 1902 Russell Snow Plow, 1950s-era B&M caboose and the renovated B&M Water Tower have to be seen in person. Exhibits are free. 

Wakefield Heritage Commission’s Heritage Park was one stop on the Club’s annual Tour. They enjoyed the HO model of circa 1909 Wakefield with five railroad depots in the Freight house, the Union Railroad Station, 1903 plow car, our caboose and last remaining B&M water tower. Heritage Park is open for the season from 7/1/2023 until 9/24/2023.

Locations Open for the Season Starting in July!

Heritage Park opens July 1st

Heritage Centre/Grange & East Wakefield School opens July 8th

​Heritage park railroad museum 

Make a date with local history this season 

The museum and gallery at the Heritage Center in Historic Wakefield Corner at 26 Province Lake Road in Sanbornville is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am-12pm from July 8th to September 23rd.

Heritage Centre of Wakefield Corner

The Heritage Park Railroad Museum campus, which includes the Union Station, Freight House and 1902 Russell Snow Plow exhibit, a 1950s-era caboose, and a Boston & Maine Railroad water tower, is open for visitation Saturday & Sunday noon to 4pm, from July 1st through September 24th. 

Freight House

The Freight House will be open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. through September 25th. Come visit and see the H/O scale model of the Boston & Maine Railroad as it served Wakefield circa 1909. Built by a team of volunteers, the layout includes running trains, historically accurate scenery and terrain, and depictions of domestic life and industry of the time. 

Blacksmith Shop

Located on Chapel Street in Union, is open most days and times when Heritage Park is open or if not ask a docent for a tour! Here, Commission member and docent Phil Twombley demonstrates a blacksmith's tool.

The Wakefield Heritage Commission welcomes you to visit its historic sites during the 2023 season. Tours for school and community groups and individuals can be arranged by special appointment. Contact the Wakefield Heritage Commission Chair Pam Wiggin at WHChairman@gmail.com, or send a query via email to info@historicwakefield.com for more information.

With sincere appreciation for your support,

Wakefield Heritage Commission



Heritage Park is located on the corner of Chapel Street, Railroad Avenue, and Route 125 in Union, To access the site from Boston and southern New Hampshire, take Route 16 North to the Union/Milton Mills Exit 18. Then turn right and head north about two miles to the first railroad crossing where the station is located. Parking is available at the station, freight house, and Union Hotel (Greater Wakefield Resource Center) up the street. To access Heritage Park from points north of Union, take Route 16 South the traffic lights in Union near the Irving gas station, take a right on Route 125, and within 3/4 mile the station will be visible at the railroad crossing. The park and exhibits are handicapped accessible and parking is available immediately adjacent to the station and freight house.

Open Wednesday & Saturday 10am-12pm from July 8th through September 23rd.