Historic Wakefield NH

East Wakefield School

1892 Province Lake Rd, East Wakefield, NH

​Wednesdays & Saturdays 10am to 12pm


​Mugs -- made in the USA at the solar powered Deneen Pottery

 $18 each/two for $32, plus shipping. Free local pickup available

Choose from the custom Newichawannock Canal design by Brookfield artist Judy Brenner, or the rendition of the 1902 Russell Snow Plow. 

To order or for more information send an email to info@historicwakefieldnh.com. 

The Heritage Park

 Railroad Museum

Freight House 

One Chapel Street, Union, NH

Saturdays & Sundays 12-4 pm


​Mugs ARE available foR sale 

As of September 6, 2021 all locations are closed for the season. See you next year!

​​Established in 1993, the Wakefield Heritage Commission has developed plans to restore areas of the community that reflect the importance of Wakefield in transportation, manufacturing, and farming.

With the generous support of volunteers, financial donors, and grants, the first building constructed in the village of Sanbornville, the Garvin Building, was restored. Upon completion, the Wakefield Heritage Commission sold the Garvin Building. It remains a focal point and tribute to the history of the community.

In recent years, the Commission, thanks to a small army of talented and generous volunteers, has restored Union Station and the Freight House in Union, the Lovell-Union Grange, Spinney Meeting House, and the East Wakefield School.

In 2014, the Newichawannock Bridge and Canal, built in 1868, qualifies to be designated as the town's second National Historic District and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Wakefield Heritage Commission

Wakefield Town Hall

2 High Street

Sanbornville, New Hampshire 03872

e-mail: info@historicwakefieldnh.com

On the web: www.historicwakefieldnh.com

The Wakefield Heritage Commission is an agency of the Town of Wakefield and shares in the town's federal income tax exempt status regarding

donations as per NH RSA 673:4-a, RSA674:44-a, through RSA 674:44d.   Charitable contributions to government units are tax deductible under section 170c(1) of the Internal Revenue Code when made for public purpose.

Heritage Centre of Wakefield/

Lovell Union Grange

26 Province Lake Road, Sanbornville, NH

Wednesdays & Saturdays 10am to 12pm


The official website of

the wakefield heritage commission

Spinney Meeting House

1847 Lovell Lake Road, South Wakefield, NH

*available for rent

A wonderful gift for that special girl, young or old. 9 fully furnished rooms with seasonal decorative additions. 3ft x 3.5ft tall.

Donated by Cynthia Knight Nelson.

Proceeds will be used to help fund the Heritage Commission's upcoming projects.​

$3,000 or best offer.

To purchase or inquire please contact the Wakefield Heritage Commission at info@historicwakefieldnh.com

Victorian Dollhouse For Sale!